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Frequently Asked Questions\Terminology

Here we hope to answer some general questions , if you have other queries please give us a call at Duvet Talk on Freephone 0800 566 8241.

Choosing your Duvet

Warmth, Comfort and Price are the main considerations.
Warmth is usually measured in Togs , the higher the Tog , the warmer the Duvet.
Typical Summer Togs are 2.5\4.5, Winter Tog values range from 13.5 to 15 or even above for some fillings.
Comfort in any Tog band is the key to a good night's sleep. As with most purchases in life you get what you pay for .
Probably the ultimate in luxury and comfort is a Siberian Down Duvet. The better the quality of Down in a Duvet the less is required per square metre to achieve any given Tog rating, and so the better the down quality the lighter the Duvet for any given Tog rating\size.
We offer both  Pyrenean Duck Down and Hungarian Down Duvets as options in our natural range together with a 'Hotel Quality' Duck Feather & Down if you prefer a little more weight .
In choosing a man made fibre Duvet again quality and price go hand in hand. We use Dupont Comforel, Suprelle Tencel and Allerban anti allergenic fibre fillings , admittedly not the cheapest but we believe thay are the best available.

Partner Duvets-Explained

Probably best described as side by side comfort Duvets.
Usually duvets are made to a Tog rating that applies to the whole duvet, This has been the case since Duvets were first thought up.
But how many times do you or your partner disagree about how warm\cold you are. You know the one 'Im too hot, you're too cold'  Both have an uncomfortable night's sleep.
Well here's the answer.
With a Partner Duvet you choose what Tog you want on your side, and your partner chooses what Tog they want on their side of the Duvet, No Zips, No Velcro,  No more arguements and harmony is restored.
On the other hand if you like an arguement in bed, well , the choice is yours.

All Seasons Duvets

These are sometimes called 3 in 1 Duvets or ,All Seasons Duvets or Four Seasons  Duvets.
Essentially an All Seasons Duvet is two duvets of different Togs clipped together one on top of the other. Typically you may have a 4.5Tog summer duvet clipped to a 9.0Tog Autumn\Spring duvet, each can be used separately in either of these two seasons or combined in the Winter to give 13.5 Togs for extra warmth.
A popular choice in either Natural or man made fibre fillings.

Allerban Anti Allergenic Duvets
Anti allergenic Allerban  actively combats house dust mite for those people that are troubled with this allergy. Most man made fibre Duvets are only desribed as non-allergenic and do not help counter the problem.
How Long will my duvet last?

All our Natural and Hollowfibre Duvets are constructed from a high quality cassette 'box' construction which helps prolong the life of the duvet. typically a pure down duvet could last 25 years and a good hollwfibre about half of this.

Caring for Duvets \Pillows\Toppers
Even though some single quilts might fit into a domestic washer they will not wash correctly, and certainly other sizes are a non-starter.
Remember never dry clean a duvet or pillow.
Always take items to a commercial laundry or cleaners where they have large capacity washing  machines and just as importantly large capacity driers.
Although most manufacturers say Toppers can be washed this is not usually possible due to their bulk. We recommend spot cleaning of Toppers.

Credit Card Security
All our online transactions are processed by Pay Pal. We have no access to your information . At the checkout stage you are directed automatically to a secure Pay Pal page before being asked to enter your credit card details.

Remember, You Do Not Need A Pay Pal Account to Process Your Payment Through Pay Pal, Simply Use Your Credit/Debit Card On the Pay Pal Site.

Anymore Questions
Call Duvet Talk on 0800 566 8241
Have a nice sleep.

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